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Pozole in DF

One of my favorite Mexican dishes is pozole, a moderately spicy soup made with hominy, usually with pork or chicken (best made with pig head) topped with shredded lettuce, radishes, onions, and oregano, and scooped up with tostadas. Sometimes red, sometimes green (and sometimes white I just learned) this soup is always my go-to comfort […]

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Eat like a local at El Milenario

While most people go to Santa Maria del Tule, a town just outside of Oaxaca city, to see El Tule, a giant cypress tree described by Wikipedia as the “stoutest tree trunk in the world”, we go to eat at El Milenario. This is a restaurant that’s full of families on market day, where blue […]

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Carmen Cruz Salinas: 32 years of tamales

For a moment we thought we wouldn’t be able to find her. To be brutally honest, there is something that doesn’t quite click when Mexicans give me directions. Granted, it doesn’t help that street signs are often absent, that derecho means straight, while derecha means right, and that people, most of them trying to be […]

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