Welcome to Dig In Mexico.

We’re two food-loving, globe-wandering sisters on a mission to eat our way through Mexico’s culinary triangle and share our discoveries with you.

We believe that traveling through food can uncover new ways to view and interact with the world. Call us modern day food archeologists. In the times we have lived and traveled in Mexico, we’ve learned a lot from what we eat. Maybe it’s a heightened sense of smell for meat being grilled on the street. A deeper understanding of what traditional means (sorry, but tamales have been around for longer than meatloaf). An awareness of how global food policies can influence customs of the most remote village. How to use every excuse possible for a drinking celebration. The skillful art of bargaining. An appreciation for sitting around the table with family and friends for a long meal in the middle of the day.

It’s these lessons, and the heartbreaking lack of good churros in the US, that have inspired us to take a three-week journey through Mexico City, Veracruz and Oaxaca, and report back to you on our finds. They’ll include:

-Street Smarts: How to get the best deal at a market, ways to avoid getting sick, street food no-nos and, of course, the best local hangover cures.

-Eating Out: Where and what to eat from home cooking to trendy restaurants to street stalls.

-Drinking: Where and what to drink from mezcal to cocktails to caguamas to pulque (say what?)

-A look at Mexico’s ‘fruits of the earth”: the history, producers, and uses of ingredients like vanilla, chocolate, chile and corn.

-The People: Pioneers in the kitchen, women leaders, trend starters, and preservers of traditions across the culinary landscape.

-Trends: What is slow food in Mexico? Where is the organic movement? What are the implications of global food policies on local populations?

Thanks for following and buen provecho (that’s bon appetit!)

-Ferron and Jenny

Ferron is good with a pen. She’s lived in the Yucatan, Istanbul, and Chile. You can read about her travel and eating adventures on her blog, Ferronlandia.

Jenny is good with a pan. She’s lived in Moreila, Michoacan. She’s a chef, recipe tester, and cooking camp counselor (told you she was good).

We both speak Spanish, grew up in the Bay Area, and prefer tacos to tapas.