Archive | September, 2011

A very short history of coffee in Mexico (and where to get the good stuff)

“This is where coffee cultivation started in Mexico, in 1785” said Ricardo as he hands me a cup of espresso. I taste it and sigh. It’s the first real shot of strong, tasty coffee that I’ve had this trip. Good coffee in Mexico is hard to find. For starters, when you ask for a cappuccino, […]

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Churros, Finally

We walked about 12 blocks in pouring rain to get there. It was the last thing we did before we left and we didn’t even have time for it. I pictured us running for the plane, sugar and cinnamon still on our chins, bellies full of hot chocolate, still slipping around in my rain-soaked flip […]

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Zefiro, Restaurant in Training

When I originally reached out via email to Oscar, a brother of a friend of a friend, I had heard that he used to run a culinary school in Mexico City and I asked if he would mind giving us a tour sometime during our trip. Instead, he insisted on meeting us for coffee on […]

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