Mercado San Juan

Mercado San Juan is a market to discuss the best salsas made with the ant called hormiga chicatana, the best way to make soup with dried shrimp, and the merits of coffee grown in Veracruz. It’s Mexico City’s gourmet market, where chefs become inspired, where you can find wild bore hanging from the ceiling, bok choy and pea shoots neatly packed in plastic, where there’s Spanish cheese and wine, where they say you can buy tiger and crocodile. Tiger, really?

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Come here on a Sunday, at about 10 am and you might be able to wander leisurely like we did, taste the pieces of goat cheese being handed to you, sit and talk with the market barista about the market’s history, stop and sample the river worms (I swear one of them was minty and delicious). We were lucky enough to go with our friend Oscar, who you’ll see in this video, pointing out the different chiles, bugs, and rare animals. It’s a small market, but twenty minutes here will make you want to become a regular San Juan-going Mexico City chef.

Mercado San Juan:
Ernesto Pugibet and Luis Moya
Centro, Mexico City

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