Pozole in DF

One of my favorite Mexican dishes is pozole, a moderately spicy soup made with hominy, usually with pork or chicken (best made with pig head) topped with shredded lettuce, radishes, onions, and oregano, and scooped up with tostadas. Sometimes red, sometimes green (and sometimes white I just learned) this soup is always my go-to comfort food. While most people say their mom’s pozole is best, the rest of us eat it at market stalls and pozolerias (places that only serve pozole), often at night. When I’m ending a long night of drinking it’s there for me: warm, just as spicy as I want it to be, filling and yet not nearly as greasy or damaging as your typical drunk food. When I’m heartbroken or frustrated from work, the idea that liberally throwing together a mix of otherwise unexciting toppings can combine to make perfect bite is unbelievably satisfying. For some reason, when I eat pozole I feel like no matter what, I’ll be able to get it together.

For pozole in Mexico City check out Mercado San Camilito near Garibaldi’s Plaza, a row of neon stands mostly selling pozole and birria. How they differentiate themselves from each other while offering the same menu is beyond me. Like the sock district in Istanbul. Why every single sock shop (and why one even needs a shop just for socks) exists on the same block is completely dumbfounding. Lucky for you pozole is more fun to shop for than socks. For those of you worrying about getting sick, we would advise to skip the lettuce and radish toppings (they’re raw and possibly not disinfected), and maybe go for a white pozole, it’s less spicy. If you’re lucky enough to be invited into a local’s house, it’s an entirely different story- grab from the table full of toppings and fill your bowl.

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One Response to “Pozole in DF”

  1. Toni Casal
    July 18, 2011 at 4:52 pm #

    The Latinos in one of my English classes brought pozole with all the trimmings for dinner for the group. Definitely the food of memories, home and love.