Tune in: Somos the Same with Shana la Reina

Occasionally we’ll blog about something that doesn’t have to do with food. Things like this fit into the “in between meals” category. They don’t happen often and mostly have to do with Lucha Libre or mariachis. But this is a non-eating event that’s entirely worth blogging about: every Thursday in Xalapa, Veracruz at 9 p.m. there’s a live radio show that features soul-pleasing hip-hop, soul and R & B, and the producer of the show is from Oakland, California (represeeeeeennnnt). Shana Lancaster, known on her show as “Shana la Reina”, is ballsy enough to 1. Do a live radio show in her second language (Spanish) 2. Make some real commentary about common issues affecting people in Mexico and the US and 3. Play music that is unique to Mexican radio.

The night we arrived to Xalapa we joined Shana in the studio and witnessed first hand a moving tribute to Oscar Grant, an unarmed African-American man who was executed by a police officer while lying on his back in the Fruitvale BART station on New Year’s Day of 2009. The show began with Alicia Key’s “Caged Bird” and ended with Goapele’s “Change it all.” Shana not only played a set that conveyed the tragedy of this event while offering hope to listeners, but she also presented it in the context of a global struggle against police brutality, something that undoubtedly strikes a chord with communities in Mexico. This is the essence of “Somos the Same”, it’s an introduction to a piece of American expression and culture, and a conversation about the realities and the experiences that connect us across country lines.

Tune in to “Somos the Same” at 9 pm Xalapa time, 7 pm California time. Options to listen online here. Follow the show on facebook.

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One Response to “Tune in: Somos the Same with Shana la Reina”

  1. Toni Casal
    July 8, 2011 at 4:52 pm #

    Love it! Gutsy young woman. Would love to know the demographic of her audience, and how she ended up in Vera Cruz. Good detour.