Chocolate in Oaxaca

There’s an area in Oaxaca with a chocolate store on every corner. We don’t want to be so cliché as to say hit Minas street and follow the scent of cinnamon and chocolate, but on the real, you could. While the cocoa beans comes from the state of Tabasco, Oaxaca is renowned for its chocolate, best for making mole and hot chocolate drinks. Mayordomo, the leading chocolate company here, seems to have a monopoly going on in the neighborhood surrounding the main market downtown. Walk into any of their stores and you’ll be greeted with a small plastic spoon in your face. “Want to taste?”

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There are usually three chocolates, the darker and denser, the more chocolaty, the lighter and grainier, the more sugary. You can usually try their mole negro and rojo out too. At the largest Mayordomo on the corner of 20 de Noviembre and Minas there’s a bar, yes, a chocolate bar. This is the place to sit down, grab a cold chocolate milk (trust us, you won’t feel silly, just giddy) and watch the grinders transform buckets of cocoa beans, almonds, cinnamon and sugar into chocolate.

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