Churros, Finally

We walked about 12 blocks in pouring rain to get there. It was the last thing we did before we left and we didn’t even have time for it. I ...

A Night at the 49th Best Restaurant in the World, Pujol

Imagine for a minute, Pujol without the food. White linen tablecloths, dark walls, gleaming wine glasses, men in suits with gray hair, men in suits with their wives, mirrors, leather ...

Mercado San Juan

Mercado San Juan is a market to discuss the best salsas made with the ant called hormiga chicatana, the best way to make soup with dried shrimp, and the merits ...

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A very short history of coffee in Mexico (and where to get the good stuff)

“This is where coffee cultivation started in Mexico, in 1785” said Ricardo as he hands me a cup of espresso. I taste it and sigh. It’s the first real shot of strong, tasty coffee that I’ve had this trip. Good coffee in Mexico is hard to find. For starters, when you ask for a cappuccino, […]

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Zefiro, Restaurant in Training

When I originally reached out via email to Oscar, a brother of a friend of a friend, I had heard that he used to run a culinary school in Mexico City and I asked if he would mind giving us a tour sometime during our trip. Instead, he insisted on meeting us for coffee on […]

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Pozole in DF

One of my favorite Mexican dishes is pozole, a moderately spicy soup made with hominy, usually with pork or chicken (best made with pig head) topped with shredded lettuce, radishes, onions, and oregano, and scooped up with tostadas. Sometimes red, sometimes green (and sometimes white I just learned) this soup is always my go-to comfort […]

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Classic Mexico City Restaurants

Halfway through our trip someone in Oaxaca asked me if I had any recommendations for restaurants in Mexico. “Like, nice restaurants?” I asked. It was only then that I realized we hadn’t been to any formal restaurants in Mexico City. So consumed with hitting market stalls, filling our late night taco cravings, and enjoying cheap […]

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Tune in: Somos the Same with Shana la Reina

Occasionally we’ll blog about something that doesn’t have to do with food. Things like this fit into the “in between meals” category. They don’t happen often and mostly have to do with Lucha Libre or mariachis. But this is a non-eating event that’s entirely worth blogging about: every Thursday in Xalapa, Veracruz at 9 p.m. […]

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Slow Food in Mexico: Los Danzantes

“People are starting to get it here, ” says chef Miguel Jimenez. “Sometimes they think slow food means their food is going to come out slowly, but they’re starting to understand that it’s about appreciating the diversity around us.” He’s come over to chat with us at our table after we told our waiter that […]

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24 hours in Veracruz

The city of Veracruz is the kind of raggedy place that makes you want to find an old man in a white linen suit, his bartender, and a veteran jarana player at a bar so that they can invite you in for a shot of rum and tell you about the port’s glory days. For […]

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Eat like a local at El Milenario

While most people go to Santa Maria del Tule, a town just outside of Oaxaca city, to see El Tule, a giant cypress tree described by Wikipedia as the “stoutest tree trunk in the world”, we go to eat at El Milenario. This is a restaurant that’s full of families on market day, where blue […]

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Chocolate in Oaxaca

There’s an area in Oaxaca with a chocolate store on every corner. We don’t want to be so cliché as to say hit Minas street and follow the scent of cinnamon and chocolate, but on the real, you could. While the cocoa beans comes from the state of Tabasco, Oaxaca is renowned for its chocolate, […]

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About eating bugs

It’s hard to avoid eating insects here. Today we were having quesadillas with squash blossoms and a little green worm fell out of Jenny’s tortilla and onto her plate. We don’t think it was supposed to be part of the dish, but you never know. Later the waiter told us that there were gusanos de […]

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